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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gabriel by M.A. Abraham Blitz Blog Hop!

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He has returned from the wars a hero to his people, savior of their Empire and honored as such, but his world is empty, despite the peace he has won for his people. There is no light where he lives, no soft touch to comfort him, to push away the darkness of his memories. He lives only to serve his King and the world he lives in. He is the High Lord General Gabriel Eagle Claw, Commander of the Combined Elven forces Sent into the outside world to bring their people home he travels with his troop to the valley where he has been told they await his coming. There he is to find the Life Mate to the King and bring her safely to his side, but there is more, for there is a mystery he must solve and claim for his own. She who will bring light and love to his soul, she is his Eden. His one and only, his true Life Mate, his love and he vows he will bind her to him forever.

She is like a forest creature, wild and free. Warrior trained along side her brothers. She guards the life and spirit of the forests that surround them, as well as those who live in the valley with them. She also guards a secret, for she is more than just a simple Elven maiden tending to the care of the elements they live in. Within her lives the talent to communicate with the very trees she treats, they tell her tales, stories, tidings of things that have passed. To them she is their guardian. To them she is Tratchar, she who heals their ills, beloved of the Sentinels and their salvation. Beautiful and proud she is no man’s possession, nor shall she be, this she is determined she will never be

M.A. Abraham weaves a magical spell that takes you into an elven kingdom in a time for peace. But change is in the air.
So, cue our main character's.

Gabriel..what to say about him. I thought he was a little closed off in the beginning. He seemed a little controlling in fact I could easily see him as a normal person with a control issue.
Still though, he wasn't the worst I have seen, it was clear he cared for  Eden as he softened towards her.

Eden.. I didn't like her at all. Any character that doesn't seem to care at all about their unborn child is automatically going into a hate box. She just seemed selfish and immature, I seriously thought Gabriel could do much better then her. But then again the heart wants what the heart wants.

I enjoyed this book a lot, I am always a fan of cliff hanger ending's, especially when it is so obvious that another book is in the works.

The only thing I would have liked to see done differently was that it seemed so fast paced. I didn't get a really good feel of the relationship, it just seemed like it was kinda there. The character's as well, it was hard to relate to them because it didn't feel like I got to know them at all.

Still, with all of that it was an excellent book.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring Gabriel and the Elven Chronicles. I will be stopping in from time to time to answer questions and say hello to people!

  2. Thank you for the revieww and the giveaway! Gale



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