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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater


Now that the ley lines around Cabeswater have been woken, nothing for Ronan, Gansey, Blue, and Adam will be the same. Ronan, for one, is falling more and more deeply into his dreams, and his dreams are intruding more and more into waking life. Meanwhile, some very sinister people are looking for some of the same pieces of the Cabeswater puzzle that Gansey is after..

A lot happened in this book, it definitely was not a short read. There where so many twists and turns that I actually had to take notes so i wouldn't forget anything and even with those notes I still don't know where to start.

This time the author focused on Ronan and the important role he plays with the ley line and the magic that surrounds it. More then that though, we learn more about Ronan in general. It turns out he isn't the jerk he likes to pretend to be. He is actually a young man that cares for his brothers, yearns for the home he has been banned from and worries over his mother who appears to be in a never waking sleep like everything else on the property. Though when the twist surrounding his mother's ailment comes to light my heart actually broke a little for him as he learns about it. 

Ronan also learns more about his ability to take thing's out of his dreams and make them into reality. He learns how to hone his natural born gift, what it really is and the consequences of stealing things from the woods and that he is not the only one with his power, but he may be the only one who will be using the gift responsibly. A fact that becomes apparent as an epic battle between dream monsters commence thanks to the other with Ronan's ability. 

Taking a step back from Ronan there was also some interesting developments with this books supporting character's, Blue in particular seemed to be flip flopping all around. She is starting to develop a crush on Gansey, one that he finds himself returning but neither is willing to admit out loud to one another let alone to themselves as they struggle with what they are doing to Adam through the entire book.  Adam himself seems to be having his own problems this time around, including loosing time and wondering off and violent outbursts as he looses himself. 

Out of the entire book however, my favorite scene would have to be with Noah and Blue alone in Gansey and Ronan's house. Just a heads up reader's the next little paragraph will include a small spoiler. 

As Noah questions Blue about her kissing curse the opportunity arises that he is already dead so kissing him can't hurt. After a couple disastrous yet humorous attempts, where Blue actually relates it to kissing a dishwasher, they finally get it right and Blue realizes what she has been missing all along by playing it safe. That soft sweet sigh of getting a kiss just right, the kind that melts your heart and curls your toes as you beg for more because of how sweet and gentle it is.  It was so sad when Noah looks at her and says softly that if he where alive he would ask her out, and how Blue's reply would be that she might say yes right before he disappears. It seriously is just one of those scenes that reminds you of missed opportunities in life and to cherish  the life you do have. 

Another relationship comes to light in the book between Mr. Gray, who I can't decide even in the end if he is going to be a good guy or a bad guy who changes because he falls in love on accident, and Maura, Blue's eccentric mother. 

The worst part of the book would have to be the last page, and that was only because the book literally ends in a cliff hanger that left me wanting to tear my hair out. I both love and hate cliffhangers because they are so frustrating but they are pretty much a guarantee that I will tune into the next book to find out what happens. As well as to figure out who this Orphan Girl in Ronan's dream world is. 

Interesting Quote:
Spoken between Blue and Calla.
"You're being creepy," Blue said "Maybe you mean to be but in case you're just being accidentally creepy, I thought I'd let you know." 

Favorite character:
Hands down would have to be Noah, he is just so sweet and lost it seems like. 

4 out of 5 Raven's!   

The Lost Sun by Tessa Gratton


Fans of Neil Gaiman's American Gods and Holly Black's The Curse Workers will embrace this richly drawn, Norse-mythology-infused alternate world: the United States of Asgard.

Seventeen-year-old Soren Bearskin is trying to escape the past. His father, a famed warrior, lost himself to the battle-frenzy and killed thirteen innocent people. Soren cannot deny that berserking is in his blood--the fevers, insomnia, and occasional feelings of uncontrollable rage haunt him. So he tries to remain calm and detached from everyone at Sanctus Sigurd's Academy. But that's hard to do when a popular, beautiful girl like Astrid Glyn tells Soren she dreams of him. That's not all Astrid dreams of--the daughter of a renowned prophetess, Astrid is coming into her own inherited abilities.

When Baldur, son of Odin and one of the most popular gods in the country, goes missing, Astrid sees where he is and convinces Soren to join her on a road trip that will take them to find not only a lost god, but also who they are beyond the legacy of their parents and everything they've been told they have to be.

I absolutely love the Norse Mythology that this book is structured around. It is such a refreshing change of pace then reading the typical Greek mythology that has become so popular. Anyone who has read my reviews know that I am a huge mythology buff, so I was ecstatic to have won this book and gotten a chance to review it. 

I would have loved to see a bit more character and plot depth however. It all just fell flat for me, as if someone was relating the days events in a list. I didn't find myself captivated or relating to the character's. 

This book has so much potential, as does the series and given the mythology aspect I intend to check out the next instalment with hopes that there will be something else other then the mythology to keep it afloat for me like it did for this book. 

2 out of 5 Raven's. (Just not for me) 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Burning by Elana K. Arnold

Ben: Having just graduated from high school, Ben is set to leave Gypsum, Nevada. It's good timing since the gypsum mine that is the lifeblood of the area is closing, shutting the whole town down with it. Ben is lucky: he's headed to San Diego, where he's got a track scholarship at the University of California. But his best friends, Pete and Hog Boy, don't have college to look forward to, so to make them happy, Ben goes with them to check out the hot chick parked on the side of Highway 447. 

Lala: She and her Gypsy family earn money by telling fortunes. Some customers choose Tarot cards; others have their palms read. The thousands of people attending the nearby Burning Man festival spend lots of cash--especially as Lala gives uncanny readings. But lately Lala's been questioning whether there might be more to life than her upcoming arranged marriage. And the day she reads Ben's cards is the day that everything changes for her. . . and for him


I was attracted to this book because of the gypsy aspect of it. As a fan of the television show " My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding" and other shows of that sort, I already knew a bit of gypsy history and I was curious to see how it would play out in the written world. 

It was a little concerning to see how the gypsy males where portrayed in the story. They all seemed controlling and a little abusive, given how little is known about Gypsy's it made it come across that this is how all the men act, and it very well could be but until it is a fact I would have liked to see at least one male that was a good role model.

I did like how it seemed to keep to the gypsy tradition and heritage.  And I think my favorite part out of the entire story had more to do with Ben's little brother coming out to Ben then either of the two main character's. I actually wished that the book had had more of him in it or gone deeper into his story.

Overall I am stuck in the middle with this book because I neither loved nor hated the book, I am just kinda meh when it comes to it.

3 out of 5 Raven's. (It was ok.)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Elite by Rachel Van Dyken

When I won the annual Eagle Elite College Scholarship lottery, I was thrilled. After all, my grandma had just died and I wanted to take care of my aging grandpa -- he couldn't be a farmer in Wyoming forever. And graduating from Eagle Elite meant opportunity.

But I wasn't counting on meeting Nixon.

Nor was I counting on the rules of the Elect.

1. Do not touch The Elect.
2. Do not look at The Elect.
3. Do not speak to The Elect.

And worst of all? Don't discover the secret they hide, because in the end, you may just realize... it's about you.

*This is a New Adult Book, blood, violence, cursing, sexual references, and drug use. Not recommended for those under 17*


 I loved every single thing about this book. It is full of steamy action that kept my eyes glued to the pages as I eagerly devoured Trace's story and took the journey to discover the truth with her.

Rachel Van Dyken truly hit the mark in every single way with this book. I mean what more can you ask for when it comes to something swoon worthy, you have pages filled with hot guys, piercings, tattoo's, knights in shining armor and then there are the mob bosses and violence that gets your heart pounding.

I loved that with each character I found myself getting attached to them, there was not just one that drew my interest, but all of them. I wanted to know what made them tick, I wanted to know more about them.

I wanted to know why Nixon had those rules put in place, why he even got away with being the way he was and running things the way he did, or why he ran things the way he did. Most of all I wanted to know what his issue with being touched was.

I wanted to know why Chase was so nice to Trace when it was obvious that it was going to cause nothing but trouble.

I loved that Trace didn't back down from Nixon when she first met him, she didn't let herself be pushed and bullied by his threats. She might have been scared but she stood up for herself. She was such a strong character.

The plot twist I sadly saw coming but even still I found it enjoyable and the predictability of it didn't take away from the storyline. I cannot wait for the next installment in the series and I intend to look more into book written by the author.
Rachel Van Dyken has a made a new fan out of me!

5 out of 5 Raven's!

Favorite Charrie: Chase, for being so sweet and so chivalrous. For always breaking the ice and making me laugh.


*Disclosure of Material Connection: I am a member of numerous Blog Tours and a copy of this book was provided to me by the author. Although payment may have been received by the Blog Tours, no payment was received by me in exchange for this review. There was no obligation to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and may not necessarily agree with those of the author, publisher, publicist, or readers of this review. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commision’s 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning Use of Endorcements and Testimonials in Advertising*