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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vala : Appointed by J.F. Jenkins

Identical twins Anj and Zes Willam have always been considered odd, even in a world where myth is real. Their magic is powerful and intense, as well as their secrets. None more so than Anj, who has the biggest secret of them all.

He's a Fate, and he's not allowed to tell anyone about what he sees or else the consequences will be great. Which is unfortunate, because it's been causing a rift between him, his girl-friend Jewl, and his brother. Even more unfortunate because the demons some how have learned about his gift and have made him their next target
You read about the story of sweet Persephone's daughter Cheyenne's tale here in the first book.
You read about glamorous Jewell with her wall's up a mile high and daughter of Aphrodite here in the second book.
So now it is only fair the twins get their turns in the third installment to the series.
This book was written in alternating point of views, enabling the reader the chance not to learn what makes one character tick but two as we get glimpses into the lives of Anj and Zes twins who although share a multitude of mannerism's are each their own.
Zes, if you read the first book, then you know.. and for those of you who haven't be forewarned of the SPOILER that I am about to tell, was taken to the underworld with Cheyenne and tortured, his life only saved because of her love for him and the bargain she made. What I thought was amusing about him in this book was the way the brand on his arm would act up with certain emotions. Allot like Harry Potter's scar when dealing with Voldermort.
Zes is starting to give into some darker tendencies like anger for instance. At first I would never have pictured him as a guy who resorted to violence.
I also love the twist his and Cheyenne's relationship take. There is something about a relationship and two people being in love while having it so easy that makes it seem fake. Love, real love at least, is never easy. It is something you fight for and have to persevere through,so I loved that the author incorporates troubles in the love life.
Anj as we learn has this huge secret about being a fate. And I must confess that I knew only the basics when it came to the fate's. As a myth buff I knew that there were three main fate's that controlled our lives/destiny's. One to weave the thread of life, one to measure it and one to cut it. I found myself thinking about the Disney Movie Hercules and thinking about the three fate women in that cartoon's.
Anyways, Anj has a whole new problem himself. It is revealed that his decision will cost him either the love of his life or his brother. I know I couldn't imagine having to make such a decision such as his given how close the twin's are.
Another huge thing was the revelation of more then one character's true identities. And as the plot thickens and the pieces are all coming together, I could only hope for more as I finished the last page of a another great book.
4.5 Ravens 


  1. It was hard work reading a series I love. :p lol
    Thanks for the oppritunity.



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