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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nine Lives by Shari Richardson Blog Tour!

When in the midst of the usual supernatural uproar which surrounds her, Kerry Cote finds herself pregnant, she thinks the worst has finally come. But when her fiancĂ© doubts her love and her child while the supernatural world lays itself at her feet, Kerry knows she must be strong. Nine Lives takes readers through Kerry’s pregnancy and an epic battle among vampires to bring them out on the other side with the birth of her child.
I absolutely loved this book. I hadn't read any of he books in the series beforehand so Picking up the fifth book in a series and being confused was to be expected. Thankfully it wasn't to hard to catch up with what was going on, that being said I would not recommend it ad a stand alone boom, mainly because the character descriptions were not repeated in the fifth book so what I saw in my minds eye is probably not what the author had in mind, it also made it difficult to connect with the characters on a personal level.

One thing I found myself repeating as I read this book was that I wished things would have been drawn out more. There was so much packed into this book that most of the time I was wishing that more effort and description was put into the character's/events that were important in the book.

Another thing that really bothered me about the boom wad the relationship between Kerry and xavier, from what I gathered they had been dating for awhile and engaged her sisters wedding reception. Kerry agrees to marry him and then proceeds to gift him with her virginity. Well enter Meg a fifty who ends up controlling xavier, forcing him to get jealous out of nowhere and treat Kerry abysmally which leads to their break up and him not speaking to her. Then Kerry is pregnant and all of a sudden a slut because she should never have been able to get pregnant by Jim so he denied the child and proceeds to knock up another girl and then it is "my bad looks like I cam get a girl pregnant." I guess my biggest problem with the situation wad how Kerry forgave him so easily and acted like everything was ok so quickly. Perhaps it was the fact that she was more angel then human because I know if I had been in her situation, especially pregnant and all hormonal, it would have taken me some time to be as forgiving and sweet as she was.

I am not going to lie, towards the end it started to take on a "Breaking Dawn, ( twilight book 4) feel to it.

I will say this though, the author created some of the sweetest sentences of love (as quoted below) I have come across in a while. And I absolutely ADORED the ending to this book, it is not one you see coming and as I read the last page it left me hungry for more and am wanting to applaud a masterfully twist brought to a close.
After reading this book I have bought the first one and intend on reading the entire series so I am caught up and I urge you to do so as well.

Memorable Quotes:
1. "My heart, my love, my only sun," He whispered. " I'm sorry I was not strong enough."

4.5 Raven's!

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