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Friday, September 5, 2014

This Beautiful World by Elisabeth Jackson Interview and Review Blog Tour

Title:This Beautiful World
Author:Elisabeth Jackson
Genre:Romance, Suspense, Mystery
Version reviewed:E-book provided by Enchanted Tours for an honest review.
Publication:July 23rd 2014 by Astraea Press

 About the Author:
Elisabeth Jackson loves the outdoors and dogs, rescued dogs in particular. This Beautiful World is her debut novel and blends haunting childhood secrets, romantic themes, second chances and a mystery in a small town setting, with a dash of Gothic elements. When she is not writing small town Romances and Mysteries, she works as a freelance business writer. Her characters are inspired by the rural towns she has visited and lived in. She welcomes readers to connect with her at and

 Interview with the Author:

1. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today at Wonderland Reviews, what made you get into writing?
   A. Reading Joyce Carol Oates when I was in high school. Her short story “Heat” made me want
    to be a writer.
2. How do you come up with the names for your characters?
   A. For this novel, one character’s name is a family name. For some of the other characters, I
   wanted to pick old-fashioned sounding names to convey a sense that the town hadn’t
   changed much over the years. 
3. Do you have certain music that you found yourself listening to while writing this book?
   A.Sometimes I will listen to music while I’m writing, and I genuinely enjoy many kinds of music
   depending on my mood. For this book, I listened to R&B/Soul, a little Indie rock, and even  
   modern country music!
4. How would you have reacted if you had been one of the young people to find the body?
    A.When I was younger, I was a bit shy like King, but like RaeAnne, I was a tomboy. I 
     probably would have told an adult I trusted.
5. It says that you like dogs, do you have a favorite breed?
    A.I love all dogs, but mixed breed dogs, especially rescues, are my favorite. My own 
    dog is a miniature poodle-hound mix.
6. what do you do when you have writers block?
    A.I work on another project. I usually have multiple writing projects going on at once,   
    and find it helpful to work on a different one if I get stuck.
7. What does it feel like to be a published author?
     A.This Beautiful World is my first published book. It’s a good feeling, but it doesn’t stop there.  
     I have a New Adult series launching in December 2014, am working on a romance novella,
     and plan to write many more stories.
8. What are you scared of the most?
    A. Bugs that bite/sting!
9. Do you have a particular ritual you have to participate in when you are writing?
    A.Yes. I drink lots of coffee—both hot and iced—with flavored creamer.

Thank you for taking time to stop and chat with us here at Wonderland Reviews. Now that you have heard from the author lets hear about the book.

 As children, RaeAnne and her sidekick King were held captive after they discovered the body of a boy their age in a crate of apples in their small town’s peculiar orchard. Now RaeAnne is grown and the mother of a troubled young daughter. After her mother is killed in an accident, she travels home to her father with her daughter. But RaeAnne finds that she is not welcomed by everyone, and frightening incidents start to happen involving her and her family. As RaeAnne unravels the mysteries of her childhood, including what happened to her older brother, who vanished on the same night RaeAnne and King found terror in the orchard, she reunites with King. The boy she knew has grown up to be very handsome and guarded. But can the two ever be more than old friends who share a terrifying secret?

 I actually became consumed by this book, if I was not reading it, I was thinking about it and wondering what was next. Which is rare for me. This book is still rough around the edges but there is enough suspense in the book that as I went about my  daily going on's and being a mama, I could not help my wondering eye from going to my Kindle and trying to find more time to read a page or two.

I liked that it brought up the trauma that some kids deal with when their parents get a divorce and that it does not mean the end of the world, you just have to deal with it.

I like that King was such a sweet heart despite so many people looking down on him and his family, or thinking he was a weirdo.

I enjoyed that even though there was a happily ever after ending I saw coming a mile away, the events leading up to it where rocky and even though they were expected I was curious to see how the characters where going to get themselves out of the situations.

I actually expected the big secret surrounding the body would have to do with a cult more so then the actual reason, even if it was less dramatic. lol.

4 out of 5 Stars!
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  1. This sounds like an intriguing book. I will definitely read it. Thanks!

  2. No problem! I thought the same thing and I was surprised by how much it kept my attention. Being a new mom has made me a scatter brain so it has been hard to finish books but I think I read this one in no time.



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